Monday, Monday, not Sunday anymore…
OK, so that was a horrible attempt to make Blur’s “Sunday, Sunday” into a song about Monday. Well, since we’re here, might as well do what I always do every Monday… Talk about what I plan to do.

What won’t happen (hopefully) is that I won’t get sick from drinking a cup of tea like I did almost 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks of getting over symptoms is brutal.

Honestly, I haven’t a clue now. I’m still formulating what I want to write about. The short story will be taking a break this week as I’m still catching up to where I am currently.

Beyond that, I wish I had a good plan. Unfortunately, I don’t. Maybe I’ll flesh out an idea that I had about magical girls, particularly Madoka Magicka. Might do a write-up on gaming. I’m going to have to see where I wanna go from here.

So until tomorrow!