Here we are again, a beginning of another week… And that means it’s once again time for me to break it on down what this week will bring you.

So… what would I like to write about… That’s a hard question.

I’m thinking that I would definitely like to write about being both a geek (or a gamer geek, or anime geek) and being a woman. Yes, there’s been plenty of stuff written by both men and women, but none of them had my take on it… or maybe they have. Who knows.

I might also try to fit in at long last a review of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I know that there have been plenty of reviews and so forth, but I’ve taken my time to play it, so you may not have to. However, I have not completed the end of the main story line, so I may just hold out until that is completed (which may get done this next weekend, time permitting).

Once again, at long last, the triumphant return of my short story.

… And more, maybe? I end that as a question because I am also a writer for the MRAC Art Car blog. You can go and see what that’s all about at
So, there we have it. So many exciting things going on. Hopefully you all will enjoy it!