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If you’re just coming to this story, here’s the first part.

He slowly pulls on his undergarments, thinking about whether he will see the beast again. Is this really going to happen today? Doubt started crawling in to his brain.

He picks up the pieces of his armor. Slowly putting them on, piece by piece. Putting each piece as though it were a quiet meditation. Slowly breathing as he attached each piece of armor. As if the act of dressing was itself was meditation.

After he took his morning meditation. He took a moment to look around his small, local abode. It’s not nearly as palatial as the home he is used to.When one gives in to obsession, comfort is often a casualty. The only thing that is important is the hunt, the pursuit of this beast.

He takes a long, forlorn sigh as he grabs his lance.

“I will get this beast. I will get this beast.”, that phrase has become his daily mantra for as long as he can remember.

As he thought back about when this first started, he found it difficult to recollect. When did this come about. When did this creature infect every thought and every waking moment. Has it been one month? Two months? A year? The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. He could never pin point the day it happened. Perhaps this thinking was like a disease, slowly creeping in to the incorporeal edges of other thoughts until all that was left was this beast.

He swings open the door on the hovel that he now calls home, only to be welcomed by the bright white glare of the morning sun reflecting on the powdery snow that fluttered to the ground the night before.Ad his eyes adjusted to the bright light of the morning, he could still see that snow was drifting in on each gust of wind.

He sighs as he realizes that it will be a very long day.

“Sitting and staring won’t get us anywhere.”, he says under his breath.

(To be continued)