Here we are again, back at Monday Funday. Time to do my plans for the week.

I’m back and ready to write more. Last week became an interesting emotionally charged week for me. So, that’s one thing I will be writing about. I have an interesting mix of emotions going on within me.

I’m doing it. I’m actually going to post my Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn review. This will happen this time. No more putting it off. It will be complete with screen caps from the game.

I think I might also put up some more of one of my short stories. I’m not sure which one though… I really feel the need to work on both of them again. I like where they’re both going.

As for the rest of this week… I’m not quite sure. I will figure it out. I feel like since I wrote about the beginning of the first season of Space Dandy that I might want to do a review of the season.

What else will happen, who knows? We’ll see as the week goes on.

Until then.