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His boyfriend grins sheepishly and says, “Th-thank you…”

He rests his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. He closes his eyes for a moment feeling the warmth of his boyfriend’s body. He could feel his shoulder through the shirt, those strong shoulders that lead into his boyfriend’s slender back. He started to think of his boyfriend naked as he sighs.

He opens his eyes and shakes his head. As much as he wants his boyfriend, he’s going to have to be patient. That’s a boundary that’s been made very clear tonight. At least nothing can happen while the boy is here…

“And then there’s the boy…”, he starts to think,”I…”

He looks at his boyfriend talking to the boy. His boyfriend chuckles.

“What do I think of the boy? I’m not really sure. For the longest time I thought all the flirtatious comments were more to wind-up our boyfriend… But was it just that? Was it something more?”, he continues to think.

The boy and his boyfriend both reach out a hand to him. He looks at both hands. He sighs again.

“To bed?”, the boy asks.

He nods as he takes both of their hands. The boy’s hand feels stronger than he thought it would. While the boy’s hands look more delicate, they felt powerful. It took him aback for a moment. For the life of him, he had no idea why he had always assumed that his delicate looking hands would mean a delicate grip. Perhaps that was a trick of his perception. Given his boyfriend’s looks, he should know better.

“Yes, let’s.”, he says in response.

They both throw an arm around his shoulders. He can feel both of their bodies on either side of him. His boyfriend’s slender yet well-muscled body and the boy’s simply slender body. He had never thought about what the boy’s body felt like. He assumed that it was similar to his boyfriend’s. It was a bit surprising. He took a moment to think about what it felt like next to him. It wasn’t the familiar warmth and strength that he has always gotten from his boyfriend. It had its own warmth, its own movement. While it was foreign to him, it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. He wasn’t sure if it it was comfortable or just weird.

“Oh, I just thought about something…”, he asked, “ So, how are we sleeping tonight?”

His boyfriend and the boy both looked at him and then at each other.

“I h-hadn’t th-thought a-about that…”, his boyfriend said, his face starting to redden.

“Well, that is a good question…”, the boy said, “I presume you both sleep nude when you’re together, correct?”

His boyfriend quickly nodded as he focused on the ground. How could this boy be so bashful about sex when he has always been equally voracious about it before. It almost reminded him of that bashful, quiet and shy boy he met back in high school. The same boy who he kissed all those years ago in his bedroom.

(To be continued)