Here we are again, back at Monday. And a very off day for me. I seem to have a touch of the flu. I’m going to try to maintain as normally as I can, but the desire to sleep all day isn’t exactly helping.

So, what would I like to work on this week?

Well, I would like to finally get that review of Attack on Titan written. It’s coming to Adult Swim next Saturday. It might be time to talk about it.

I want to write about manga. I might talk about 2 series. One I’ve read for a couple of years now and another that I just picked up a week ago. I think it’s time there was more manga and comic talk here.

I’m not sure about posting a short story. It may or may not happen.

Other than that… we’ll have to see.

Here we go again, time for another exciting week ahead.

Hope you enjoy!