I’m writing this now, because I want to get this out while it’s still fresh in my brain. I probably shouldn’t have gone out tonight as I’m still feeling feverish, but I would have wanted to go to see Yoshiki if I had to be rolled in on a gurney. I apologize if the rambling goes on for a bit. I’m not feeling 100% well.

I’ve been a fan of X Japan for some time. I liked their music when I first saw it in the movie for X-1999. This is about the slightly before I started to get in to Dir en Grey. It was something different from what I had expected from Japanese music. It was certainly different from what I was taught about. The first time I’ve heard X Japan was about 1995.

So, needless to say, I’ve been in to them for some time.

I’ve been kicking myself since the last time they played at the Fox Theater in Oakland. I really wanted to see the show, but I didn’t have the job at the time. I still kick myself for not finding a way to buy tickets directly from the box office.

When I first heard that Yoshiki was doing a classical show, I wanted to go. I knew that he was also a noted composer and had written a lot of X Japan’s music.

I am thrilled that I had went. It was worth it. His music touched me in a different way than it had before. There’s something about more stripped down music that will hit you right at the soul. While the visuals were engaging, it wasn’t about that. It was about the music. He’s a wonderful pianist.

He spoke about a good friend of his, the departed guitarist Hide. Whenever he spoke of him, you could still hear the pain in his voice. Many years have passed since Hide died of a tragic accident, but it was still something incredibly painful for him to talk about. I hadn’t realized that Hide’s death had effected him so profoundly. It was so profound that he decided to stop playing music. If it weren’t for the Emperor of Japan asking for him to create a song for the 10th anniversary of the emperor’s reign, he probably would have never played another note.

The major highlight of the evening for me was when Toshi, the singer for X, came out and sang “Tears” with Yoshiki. I had a total fan girl moment where I almost started crying. I knew who it was the second I heard his voice. That pretty much made the show for me.

I don’t normally write about anything classical (though I do go and see opera fairly often). Writing about music isn’t my forte. I love music, I was raised with music and musicians my whole life. I don’t understand the technical end of it. I know what music I like and would listen to. That’s all I can write about.

I loved this show. It showed a variety and range of what he can do. It also showed the love he still had for his deceased band mates and family members. I feel honored to have been able to have experienced this show tonight. I’m still feeling a myriad of emotions… more than anything I feel grateful for the opportunity I was given.