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“And that’s the same for the two of us.”, the boy says gesturing between their boyfriend and himself.

“I think it might be a bit awkward for all of us to sleep nude together. After all, we’re trying to keep things clean tonight.”, the boy said.

He simply nodded as he looked at his boyfriend.

“Do you have anything that we could use as night-clothes or are well all going to have an exhibition in our underwear?”, he asks.

His boyfriend looks up as he thinks.

“I d-don’t h-have a-anything like th-that…”, he responds, his face turning redder.

He stifles a laugh before responding, “Well boys, I hope you wore your best underwear tonight.”

His boyfriend stops and looks at the floor.

They both look at each other and laugh.

“You hadn’t planned for this, did you?”, he asks, holding his boyfriend.

His boyfriend shakes his head.
“Well…”, he says, “I do know that you do have some… even if you’re not wearing them now.”

He squeezes his boyfriend a little tighter, fighting every urge to take him. As badly as he wants to, it wouldn’t be fair to the boy. It also might make his boyfriend intensely uncomfortable.

“I can’t wait until you and I have a moment alone…”, he whispers in to his boyfriend’s ear as he bites his earlobe.

His boyfriend’s eyes widen as he lets him go. He grabs his boyfriend’s hand as well as the boy’s and leads them both into the bedroom.

The three of them practically spill into the room. He trips and falls on to the bed followed by his boyfriend and the boy.

“Oh… Ummm… How were we planning on doing this? I guess I should go get undressed in the bathroom.”, he says as he sits up.

His boyfriend won’t let go of his hand.

His boyfriend shakes his head.

“C-can w-we d-do this t-together?”, the boyfriend asks, his face beet red.

He sighs heavily. This was already pushing some boundaries. He knows that his boyfriend is feeling as though it were possible for both him and the boy to leave him. Given his past, that’s a pretty fair assessment.

“Yeah, we can.”, he says sounding a bit defeated.

“L-lets t-talk somewhere e-else…”, he says pulling him into the bathroom, “W-we’ll b-be b-back.”

The boy put up his hand and begins to speak. He closes his mouth and nods. A lot has happened this night, especially for him. Besides, he hasn’t really had much time to talk to their boyfriend. The boy could imagine that in his head, everything’s been a huge jumble since he left his fiance’s. While the boy’s disappointed by not being able to hop in bed with the two objects of his affection, he’s willing to give it a by, for now. He sighs and begins to undress.

While he can see the boy undressing out of the corner of his eye, it’s entirely too brief before he and his boyfriend are around the corner and in the bathroom. He sits on the toilet while his boyfriend closes the door quietly.

“It’s been sometime since you and I have been in a bathroom together…”, he starts.
(To be continued)