Yes, I know that this is normally a Monday morning thing. Unfortunately yesterday was circumvented by jury duty. So, here I am, on Tuesday. Talking about what this week holds.

I still find myself reeling from the emotional content of last week. And while I’m still not quite mentally ready to handle much, I do still plan on writing this week. I won’t take an extra week of this time.

So… what to write about…

Well, I do feel the need to write about some rather personal stuff. As I stated, this was quite the week and I feel like I need to write things out.

What else do I want to write about?

I’ll finally get around to reviewing the ongoing manga series Ooku. It’s a noted series (it won an Eisner Award in 2008). It’s one of many series out there… and since I read a lot of manga, I feel like I should share what I do read with you.

This week might be further abbreviated as Fanime is coming this weekend. I may or may not be able to write on Friday as well. That also means that a Fanime round-up is coming in the near future.

So, exciting stuff. Hope you enjoy and are ready for some more.

Until Tomorrow!