So… I was planning on being able to get more writing done this week, possibly get in a review…

Then I looked at the schedule for Fanime. They are getting a much earlier start on the panels that I want to see. That means I’m going to be heading down to San José to catch panels a day early too. I still need to set up my schedule for this weekend, but my first panel is tomorrow at 3 PM. Looks like I’m heading down tomorrow morning and going to the convention all day tomorrow.

This is unprecedented. I usually go to one panel on Friday night, usually about 7 or 9 PM.

I wound doing the bulk of my sleeping earlier in the night and had a good three hours of pure thinking time. At that point, I came up with 3 panels that I would like to do. One tongue-in-cheek, one informative and more than like not to theme and the third would be perfect… I might actually pitch them next year and see if any of them stick. Of course, if I do, I would need to make sure that I did my research and put together something regardless.

So, this is it, until Tuesday.

I hope to bring you the beginning of my Fanime round-up starting Tuesday.

Until then!