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Now for the legal stuffs: This work is copyrighted Emily Rush, 3.June.2014. All rights reserved… yadayadayada
He remembers the last time they were alone in the bathroom. That night… after playing that bar, the one that wasn’t really set-up for live music. He had hugged his boyfriend after remembering how he had the guitar that he still plays. He didn’t think that such a move would have evoked such a strong response. Perhaps it was the gentleness of the hug. Perhaps it was because it was entirely unexpected.

He shook his head and shrugged. He could feel his boyfriend in front of him. That was quickly followed by his boyfriend’s strong arms wrapping around his head. He was pulled in close, so close he could smell his boyfriend, he could feel his musculature through the thin shirt his boyfriend was wearing. He wrapped his arms around his waist and buried his head into his stomach. He kissed his boyfriend’s stomach through the fabric of his shirt.

“I-I kn-know th-that today w-was q-quite o-overwhelming…”, his boyfriend said gently, lightly petting the back of his head.

He looks up at his boyfriend’s gentle, beautiful face. He pulls his boyfriend in closer to him. He tries to focus on his boyfriend’s face, but all that goes through his head is wanting to see this body before him, this strong yet beautiful body stripped of clothing and writhing in ecstasy with his touch. Now his boyfriend stands before him wanting to talk and all he wants to do is take his pants off…

He takes a deep breath, attempting to maintain his composure. He rests his chin on his boyfriend’s stomach.

He looks up at his boyfriend for a moment, at his beautiful face before he responds, “Yeah… that’s one way to put it, overwhelming.”

He buries his face in his boyfriend’s stomach again. He breathes in his scent deeply. He closes his eyes and feels his boyfriend’s body under his face and in his arms.

He looks back up at his boyfriend and sighs contentedly.

“I must say, I don’t think I was quite ready…”, he takes a moment to properly arrange his thoughts, “Well, for anything that has happened since I came home.”

He let that word reverberate in his own mind for a moment. He had never considered it before. He’s been staying here, but he nevr thought about it being home. In many ways it felt like home. This is where he wanted to be. This is who he wanted to be with. Had he ever had anything that felt like home before?

He shakes his head as it starts to wander.

“What do you think about the boy…”, he starts.

He’s abruptly interrupted by his boyfriend saying, “A-about h-him a-asking y-you o-out on a date?”

“Yeah.”, he says.

His boyfriend lets him go and finds a spot to sit on the bathroom floor. He sits down in front of him, taking both of his hands in his own.

“W-well…”, his boyfriend starts bashfully, “Wh-when h-he first a-asked m-me I w-was sh-shocked. I-I w-wasn’t s-sure if h-he st-still w-wanted to be w-with m-me.”

His boyfriend looks away from him at some invisible spot on the floor. It’s almost like he’s trying to disguise the hurt he may have felt on his face.