Sometimes there is only so much one person can take… I think my body is there once again. I think that I’ve dealt with more stress than I realized I did.

So, that means I’ve gotten sick again. This time I think it’s some combination of the flu and gluten. I have a lot of the gluten symptoms, but I’m also light-headed and incredibly tired. So, I’m weathering this the best I can.

Unfortunately, that also means a temporary hiatus until next week. I need to get my head back on straight. It’s hard for me to write when I’m napping most of the day.

That being said, I will forgo next weeks figuring out what to write and get right to the meat and post my Fanime write-up.

That’s right, no more waiting. I’ll put it all out there, hopefully with some pictures for you guys to see.

So, until Monday!