The first panel I attended this year was the Viz Media panel. This year there was a lot of news… lots of new things coming our way. So, I’m going to try and wade through it.

This year at Fanime, they had con-specific merchandise available at one of the booths with a $20 purchase. That’s neat as they haven’t had something like that before.

The graphic novel and the novel for “All You Need is Kill” is now available. “All You Need is Kill” was

Shan Yu, Captain Hook and Maleficent

Shan Yu, Captain Hook and Maleficent

adapted in to the movie, “The Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise. It’s a movie I won’t pay to see, because I am not a Tom Cruise fan. Sure, I get to see Tom Cruise die repeatedly, but I don’t think it’s worth the $15/adult. The manga, which is being serialized in Shonen Jump will be available on 11/4.

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, also known as the prequel to the Dragonball series (you actually see Bulma as a child) is coming out as a graphic novel. It will be available 1/6/2015. It will contain a Dragonball story that focuses on Goku’s parents.

Another series that has been regularly serialized in Shonen Jump is also coming to manga form. World Trigger will be coming print form on 10/7. It’s an interesting series. I still haven’t quite formed an opinion on the series. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

They’re also releasing a series called Assasination Classroom. It’s the story about a group of outcasts who are being taught by a tentacle monster. This is not hentai, but I can see some interesting doujin coming out about this series. Viz describes it as GTO with tentacles. That will hit the shelves on 12/2.

Kiss of the Rose Princess is also coming to print. It’s a reverse harem story (one girl with multiple males) in a vein similar to Roasrio+Vampire. It will be available in November.

Another title coming to print is Yukarism. It’s the story of an author named Yukari. He writes incredibly accurate historical fiction, that’s because he can see his past lives in his dreams it sounds like an interesting story… I’ll have to see when it comes out December 2014.

Sad news, the Vampire Knight series will be ending soon. In the meantime, they will be releasing volume 19 (limited edition then standard) on 11/19. The limited edition will include a mini art book. Also coming out on that day is the Vampire Knight box set that will contain volumes 11-19 (volume 19 will be the limited edition version).

Kiki  picture by Jeanie Butera

Picture by Jeanie Butera

There will also be a Resident Evil manga. It takes place before 6. It’s a 5 volume series, so it’s fairly short. That will be available 11/18.

They will also be releasing a manga with the name “Master Keaton”. It essentially is the “story of a badass”. It sounds very much like Indiana Jones. It will be available 12/16.

There are two more Miyazaki books hitting the stores. The Art of Princess Mononoke and Mononoke: the First Story are both due in stores on 10/7. As the title states, Mononoke: the First Story is a prequel to the movie Princess Mononoke..

Also, the big manga news is that Hunter x Hunter is coming out of hiatus. The first new chapter just ran last week in Shonen Jump Weekly.