I thought that it would be interesting to see “Don’t Believe the Hype: E3” that was done by contributors to Gametrailers.com. They started out talking about what their experiences have been at E3, including how hard it is to get in to E3 as press. They also talked about the reality of talking about how much tickets cost. At $400-500/person, I think it’s going to be some time before I go there myself. They talked about what to expect from the major consoles. Then they went in to the games that will be talked about at E3… like Persona 5 (I am super-pumped to hear more about it), two new Tales of games, new Metal Gear Solid, Bayonetta 2 and more. Since we are in the midst of E3, I’m super-excited to see some of the new things they’re going to be talking about (especially Square Enix AKA Squeenix).

Riddle me this, Batman...

Riddle me this, Batman…

After talking, they showed trailers for titles that will be talked about at E3, most notably (for me) is Persona 5. I’ve waited years (though not as many as Kingdom Hearts III) for Persona 5. I would love if they had a date or something. I am highly anticipating it.

So, what other trailers for games did they show besides Persona 5 (OMG)?
Tales of Xillia and Zirithia (not sure about the second one, I can’t seem to find any information about it)
Mirrors Edge 2
Metal Gear Solid: the Phantom Pain
Star Wars Battlefront (maybe)
Bayonetta 2
Super Smash Brothers 4
Xenoblade 2

There is speculation about whether we’ll actually hear anything about what is currently known about now or whether we’ll get any more information about what I known as Project Beast* made by the same studio that produced Dark Souls. We’ll have to wait and see what will happen at the end of this week.

There’s still speculation as to whether or not Last Guardian will happen. Since the title has yet to appear, it’s still a big question mark. Maybe we’ll get more information this year. It’s a beautiful title and I hope it does see light of day.

Other trailers seen:
Arkham Knight
Final Fantasy XV (aka Final Fantasy Vs. XIII)

DDR Competition Picture by Brit Cossel

DDR Competition
Picture by Brit Cossel

After spending a long day at Fanime, I was ready to head home and get some sleep before heading out somewhat early in the morning to start my second day of Fanime. I was disappointed that there was no Yaoi on Friday night… nor was there Yuri, They did, however, run Hentai.

*Added note, they did. I’ll more about that when I talk about what it’s like viewing E3 from a speculators point of view and not being in the hustle and bustle of the trade show.