So, here I am… again at Monday. That means it’s time for the weekly preview.

Last week was cut short because of something a little unexpected (but not), but a lot of fun. Mario Marathon started on Friday. I got caught up in watching it all day Friday (kinda like people with the World Cup), that I didn’t get a round to posting.

However, if you want to see what the hubbub is with Mario Marathon, please do. It’s failing at Mario for a good cause. If you have the money, please donate. All the money goes right to Child’s Play charities. They never touch one cent. So, if you’re interested in checking it out, go to The fails make it worth it.

So, what would I like to this week?

Good question. I would like to try to finish up my Fanime post. I know, this is taking a long time. With a little hope and a lot of luck, I can get it done this week (if not by the beginning of next week).

If I manage to have extra time, I might just post some more short story.

I also need to think of the next month, as we are quickly approaching Comic Con. That’s right, we’re headed to the big show in San Diego once again this year. We will also not have camera fail as we have procured a brand-spanking new one. So we are prepared for this year… more or less.

The week before Comic Con is the J-Pop Summit Festival. I didn’t manage to have the time to do it last year, but it was pretty awesome. I will try to get it up before I head to San Diego this year.

What else is there?

I will probably spend more time writing about anime and manga and a bit writing about comics. I still need to write my side-by-side comparison of Final Fantasy XIV both for the PS3 and PS4. I think I’m going to wait until after the 2.3 patch comes out with new content to review it. I might also do further future reviews when other patches and expansions come out. So keep tuned.

Other than that, who knows what else I’ll write about. Keep reading!