So, I’ve run radio silent for a couple of days. I promise, there’s a good reason for it.

I went in to work on Tuesday. I no longer had a job by the time I left.

That means that I will be more available to create content more often. (Yay)

That also means I’m back on the sending out my résumé track. (Ugh)

Right now, I’m trying to mentally/emotionally reconcile everything. The whole firing process was handled very passive aggressively.  I didn’t feel like it allowed for any chance to improve on my behalf. In many ways, I think that this is what they were planning to happen after they hired a new person. Instead of being up front about it, they handled it in a manner that kept me thinking that I had a job until they axed me.

I wasn’t angry or even surprised when she said that they had no more work for me.

I was just numb. I knew it was coming because no matter how great someone thinks they are at hiding things, they’re not. I knew for months. If they were expecting a reaction, I wasn’t going to give it to them. I already had an idea when they reduced my hours. I especially knew when I was told that I would get more hours if I learned Auto CAD and then they took that away. I’m not as stupid as people think I am. I’m certainly not as stupid as they thought I was. Just because you have a piece of paper to put on the wall doesn’t mean that someone who doesn’t is suddenly dumber than you.

But now I’m angry and disappointed.  This is detrimental when looking for work. It makes me more guarded when looking for a new job. It also means that I already feel defeated.

Get through that, I will be better prepared emotionally to handle what’s coming… the stream of no’s.

So, that’s what’s going on right now. I promise that I won’t be gone so long.