Here we are, once again, back to Monday. This is a special Monday. This is the first time when I’ve awaken and turned on background noise that I not only discovered the TV is on BBC America, but it’s also on Doctor Who… to be followed by Torchwood. I think this counts as an awesome way to wake up.

So, I didn’t post much last week. Here’s why. I didn’t realize how mentally and physically exhausted I was from Comic Con. I spent a lot of time among 130k people. It drains me to the point where I just want to sleep. I know that I keep saying every year that I’m going to pace myself. I think it’s become imperative for me to do so. It took me a week to finally get back to speed.

So, here I am… back up and raring to go. It’s time to get more writing done. So, that means I will keep working on getting my Comic Con report out. I also want to get some more of my short stories out. It’s something that needs to be done. It’s something I feel that needs to be done. So, I will work on it.

What else is there?

Not much else right now. Now is the time to write.

See you again tomorrow!