It’s been a couple of years since I’ve written about this. Since Burning Man is still consistently selling out, a lot of us long-time Burners are having to look for new ways to experience they Burn without making the trip to the dust. There are so many people who can’t or have no desire to make the trek back to the desert. So, what is there for people to do when Burning Man being a sell-out event is an issue?

Well, then we get creative with what we do. We obviously can’t make it in to the desert party itself because… well, no tickets.  And you can try to sneak in, but the people who work the gate have spent many years spotting people trying to come in over the trash fence or in vehicles. So, what to do.

Well, because the event has sold out, that means that Burners can’t make it out to the event. Instead of putting emphasis everything pointing to the event in the desert. They now are putting emphasis on practicing bits of Burning Man all through out the year.

Then there are those of us who aren’t going, not because of choice or design but because of circumstance.

Burning Man is starting to get to the point where it’s not really affordable for most people. In this economy where we’re still dealing with companies just not hiring with the frequency they used to. So, what’s left for those of us who have the desire to go, but not the means?

There’s an online refuge for those of us who still want to have a simulated experience of being there and seeing some of the art, but from the comfort and relative safety of your own home. Camp Envy is still going strong. We all gather around our computer, laptops and tablets and watch what’s happening at Black Rock City and chatting in chat rooms. We share the community that we all have come to know and love. It’s a place for discourse and snark.

It’s everything that many of us love about Burning Man, but without having to leave home.

For me this year, I had to take the replacement over the actuality. While I did have tickets for this year, We didn’t learn that we had tickets until the beginning of August, just after we returned from Comic Con. It was too late for us to truly prepare. There were things scheduled that couldn’t be undone. So, we had to give tickets a by this year. This year for me was a bit more difficult. Though, no worse than the last time we had bought tickets for the Burn.

Camp Envy helped me try to make it through this year, which was already full of many trials. It’s been really hitting me this year. Camp Envy has been helping me out this year.

If you’re interested in Burning Man, but don’t want to make the financial obligation to take the huge jump, Camp Envy is a great place to learn what it’s all about. After all, there are plenty of veteran Burners who are willing to share their knowledge. In many ways, Camp Envy is a wealth of knowledge and community.

And I keep coming back every year. The helpful, wonderful people make it worth logging in and joining in on the community.