So, last week wound up going in a direction that I hadn’t anticipated. I had wanted to get writing done, unfortunately life got in the way.

Monday I went to Berkeley to see about exorcising some really old demons. Unfortunately, Berkeley isn’t in stasis. So, it was hard for me to have the same experience that I had when I was in high school. Most of the places from then are long gone and replaced by some chain or were simply closed. Rasputin’s is no longer like what I remembered. I didn’t get in to Amoeba, which was my favorite record store. In many ways, I didn’t get what I was hoping out of the excursion.

I also had my first therapy appointment in years. Life has been a bit on the brutal side as of late. So, that requires me working through some old, painful and crunchy issues. Unfortunately, all of which are making my quite depressed.

That was last week… So, what about this week?

Well, I hope to have up more Comic Con stories. I’ve been working on getting more written up. I also hope to have at least one update of a short story. I have something else I might wanna write about. So, I’m gonna try to get this done.

Last week stalled a bit. I’m gonna work hard to make this week better than the last.

So, until then!