Hello there!

So, I’m not presenting you with a story or other kind of writing. Life has been… interesting as of late. I’m not quite sure how to feel about it.

My job decided to cut my hours for reasons not related to my ability to work, but for reasons that were never asked about prior to hiring me. I don’t have a car and have a phobia of driving (thanks to being repeatedly yelled at while learning to drive). So I work a whole whopping 8 hours a week.

Needless to say, this isn’t acceptable.

But here’s some bigger and better news. I’m looking for a job in writing. I haven’t had the time to actually write because I’ve been trying to get everything together so I could turn in my application for a reporter position. I’m also seeing about having a short story of mine published.

I wouldn’t have done this if my therapist hadn’t asked that I apply to one writing job before next Friday. In reality, I’m more happy writing. I wouldn’t need to work if I could make money from my writing alone. Unfortunately, this blog doesn’t turn a profit. It would be nice if it does, but that would require advertising, something I’m resistant to.

If I’m hired for another writing job, that doesn’t mean that I will stop writing here. This is my baby. I can post my fiction here. I can also post other things that I wouldn’t be able to post anywhere. So,, if I manage to get a writing job, I would still continue to maintain this blog. It’s my baby and something that I’ve maintained for three and a half years now.

There we have it.

There will be more new posts next week. So, until then!