Hello there everyone!

I’ve lagged on writing as of late. I do apologize. I’ve gone back in to finding a job mode. It’s something that needs to happen now. Working one day a week is simply not enough.

Does that means this will be an always thing until I get a new job?

Probably not.

However, this week is different. This is my birthday week. My birthday falls right square in the middle of it, on Wednesday. I will be writing, just not posting. I need some downtime right now, including needing more sleep. This also means that I will be destressing as best I can.

I’m also getting over being sick… again. I was give a double shot of things that will make me horribly ill. Now I’m getting over the latest bout of gluten illness. So, I’m taking this downtime for multiple reasons… and it’s only a week. Which is a good thing, I think.

That’s what’s happening in my life now.

I’ll see you all next week.

Until then!