So, what have I been doing for the past week?

I’ve been trying to get better. I’m still dealing with the last lingering annoyance of this flu. I’ve been largely dealing with intense light-headed fits. As much fun as that sounds, I really don’t enjoy having to hang on to things and running in to walls when I walk.

This is quite frustrating to be honest.

I’ve also had a huge desire to write more… more fiction mostly. Once I can get enough concentration to string together 2 sentences, I’ll be working on some new writing.

As for Xmas, it was Xmas. It’s not particularly my favorite time of year. That may be from my years of working retail. People just seem meaner all with the goal of finding that gift… and who cares how badly you make the retail staff feel.

All personal feelings aside, I’m glad that it’s over and we can move on to more fun things.

I will try to get together a year-end post tomorrow, as it as close to the end of the year one can get. I’m not sure if I can get anything else out this week, but I’ll try.

I hope the rest of you out there had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed it however you wanted to.

Until later!