There are times I think I was cursed by the Chinese curse. I seem to perpetually live in interesting times. This has been true in this last week. Unfortunately, most of it is stuff that I’m not at liberty to talk about as of yet.

And that’s the worse part. Some of it is stuff that I need to process. I process through writing. Yet, I can’t do that yet. I feel like I’m not really allowed to process yet so I have to keep feeling these things and not talk about it. Really, it’s quite frustrating.

I would like the next week to be a bit less interesting. The up and downs are getting to me. It’s like being on a perpetual roller coaster. And while it’s something that can be fun in and of itself. I would like 5 minutes to sort things out.

We’ll see. I’m just hoping that soon I will be able to process what’s going on.

Here’s to hoping!