I occasionally go and see a therapist. This isn’t really news as I’ve had to go through a lot of it to get through a lot of trauma. I find it helpful to talk things out with someone who doesn’t have an emotional investment in me.

So, I saw my therapist a while ago, back in November. He had suggested that I should send out at least one application for a writing job. So, I did… I sent out a lot. And I kept sending them out. I sent one out in early December to be an intern at a LGBT entertainment magazine.

I hadn’t heard anything, so I assumed that I was passed up because hearing nothing means that you’re not going to.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I get a call for an interview for this position. I was happy. I really wanted this internship. So, I go to the interview.

And it turns out, they want me. So, I have a writing internship. This is what I’ve wanted. More importantly, this means I will be published by someone other than myself. I’m really excited right now. This is a great opportunity that I have here.

Obviously, I’m excited about this. That doesn’t mean I’ll be abandoning my blog.


This is my baby. I will keep writing here. You’ll have another forum to read more of my writing now. A lot of my writing there will be talking about LGBT geeky things. I’ll still write about what I have always done here.

This will be fun.

I still can’t believe that I’m actually going to get to write… that I’m going to get paid to do so. This is almost my dream. Now if I can write from home. I can write the movies that I want to and have them made… then I will be living my dream. I didn’t think that I would be doing this, that I would be able to do something I love so much…

This is a huge wow moment.