Well, It has been sometime since I’ve just written something that is just about what’s going on in my life. It’s been sometime…

So… Life is interesting now. It’s not Chinese curse interesting, for once. I feel like I’m riding this wave of good things… and I know it’s going to get bigger. I finally feel prepared to ride it all out. I’m secure about this thing that I do almost as naturally as breathing. I feel completely secure in my writing. I’m starting to carve a niche for myself that makes me happy.

So, what all is happening?

Where to start… My life finally feels wonderfully full. I feel like all the pieces of my life are starting to fit together. I feel ridiculously happy for a few reasons. I’m still feeling this incredible, overwhelming wonderful feeling. The feeling that I know I’ve written about before. This feeling that almost feels like a panic attack. Instead of being partnered with worry and fears, it’s followed by positive thoughts. That might be because my fingers are just brushing my dream. That it’s within my reach.

What does that mean in real terms?

Well… Not sure where to start. I’m at the point where I will be giving my 2 weeks in just over a month (or so). I negotiate my salary and will be working full-time in August. I will be writing full-time. This is just the beginning of what I really want to do with my life. I am so excited about being able to do this all the time and get paid.

I also have a third partner in my life. Oddly enough, the scheduling should actually work. I can’t put into words the exuberance I am feeling now. I might have to sit down and just write about it to put it in to words.

This whole situation is… amazing. It’s beyond anything that I could ever put in words. Not surprisingly, I want to put it all out there.
I’ve also decided that I need to take the time to be able to write. I need that time for me. I haven’t done it in some time. I’m going to start doing it now. I will write more of my stories (and I will start busting my ass to get them up so you can read them as well). I feel like I’ve been missing that in my life. I have to feed that need inside me. I also have a Fanime wrap-up to write. I will get that out next week.

So, here we are.

I’ll post a list of all my writing that I’ve done since my last post so you too can see them.

Until then!