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He thinks about that for a second. He knows that he’s been feeling incredibly horny all night. All night he’s thought about being with his boyfriend… doing all sorts of naughty things. Now there’s a request to continue while his boyfriend watched. Watched him do things with this new boy, the same boy he’s been dating for a while now.

Really, it wasn’t the thought of doing something with another guy or even that guy is also dating his boyfriend. After being in the type of relationship he had been for… well, I guess that depends on how far back he counts. If he goes back to when they were both cheating, it’s been about 6 months to a year. If he considered it from when they both were honest with their other partners, it would probably be 3-6 months. Yet him thinking about doing anything more intimate with his boyfriend’s boyfriend didn’t weird him out.

For him it was still the thought that this boy still wanted him, wanted him romantically. He wasn’t just interested in just sex with him. He also wanted to form an intimate and loving relationship with him. He never thought he was that interesting or attractive. He always thought that his boyfriend was more attractive and the one that everyone wanted to be with.

And honestly, he couldn’t actually blame them.

He shakes his head, clearing his mind for a moment.

“As incredibly tempting as that sounds, and this is no offense to you,” he says, looking at the boy, “But I’m still working my head around tonight. As much fun as it would be, I think I need to straighten out my own thoughts first.”

The boy responds, “Not at all… I totally get it. Were it me in your place, I would probably feel the same way… I think.”

The boy winks.

“So, to sleep?” the boy asks.

“Well, after someone gets into their underwear…” he says jokingly, gesturing to their boyfriend.

“S-sorry.”, he says.

Their boyfriend undressed slowly, almost teasing the both of them. He takes off one article of clothing after another until he is naked in front of them. He then walks over to his dresser and picks out a nice, but comfortable pair of underwear. He slowly puts them on, almost enjoying the sensation of the fabric of them against his skin.

Their boyfriend hops into bed between the two boys. He lies down.

He and the boy lie down next to their boyfriend.

“You tease.” he whispers before kissing his boyfriend.

“Good night.” the boy says.

Both he and his boyfriend respond in unison, “Night!”

The boy turns of the light.

He lies in the dark, trying to fall asleep, but the thoughts from earlier won’t let him be. They keep peaking their way back into his head. He turns over, trying to see if that will help him sleep.