Long time, no hear, huh?


It’s been a while. It’s something that I’ve regretted. I was working two jobs for a while. It was nice… until December, when the job I really liked decided to lay me off because they need a full-time person.

So, yay.

This is great, right?

Well… actually, it may be. It’s made it increasingly obvious what I’ve been lacking in my life. I miss writing. It’s something that I’ve been neglecting… and that’s something I’ve been truly regretting. I feel like I’ve had an arm cutoff. That’s hard to deal with. It’s something that I plan to rectify.

Going forward, I’d like to write a post a week. It’s not ideal, but it’s manageable for right now.

There won’t be a lot of difference from my pervious writing. There will be personal pieces, fictional pieces, fun other writing, reviews… you know, what you’ve come to expect from here. Just little snippets of my life.

So, I’m back… I hope you enjoy.burning man 002 (2)