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Hello all!

This week will be interesting, I’ll tell you that.

I will have a new Comic Con post up by Wednesday at latest. I hope to have it all done before the end of the month. I will be reviving my “Not-So-Short-Story” because I’m sure that at least some of you would like to see what happens next. If you’re new to this blog and haven’t checked it out, you will get a chance to.

I also feel remiss in not writing a review of K Project. I watched this series some time ago and I wanted to share the experience with others. I also will be writing a review of Free! as well.

I also may post something personal. I’m not sure how I will manage to pack all of that in to the week, but I’ll try to make it work.

Until later!


Every season there’s a list that gets circulated around the web. OK, so there are multiple lists that circulate around the internet, but there’s one that is generally of particular interest to me. It’s the list of that seasons’ new anime titles. There have been titles that I’ve been interested in the past (Eureka Seven AO for instance). However, there are a couple that stand-out among the rest. They are “Silver Spoon” and “Free”.

“Silver Spoon” is probably the least unlikely to be interesting title. After all it’s a slice of life

Silver Spoon promo image

Silver Spoon promo image

comedy that centers around an agricultural high school in Hokkaido. That’s what I thought when I started reading the series (which is still currently running in Japan). As I continued to read it, I started to enjoy the story more and more. The story vacillates between both funny and serious. It certainly gives one an appreciation for what it’s like going to an aggie school.

It is the story of a boy named Hachiken Yugo who decides to go to a small agricultural high school after being on the academic track in Sapporo. Why would one decide to learn how to do farm work when you don’t stand to inherit a farm or have never worked on one? That’s what you discover as the story continues. You also see Hachiken grow as he makes friends amongst his classmates. You also see him gain a better appreciation for all the work that goes into farming.

Another interesting bit of information about “Silver Spoon” is that it is written/drawn by Hiromu Arakawa. She is best known for another favorite of mine, “Fullmetal Alchemist”. I started reading it without looking into the manga-ka’s information, but it became quickly apparent that it was the same artist. There are characters that seem awfully reminiscent of characters in “Fullmetal Alchemist”. “Silver Spoon” will be streamed in the US by Aniplex.

Free! group

Free! group

“Free!” is the story of 4 childhood friends that parted ways after elementary school and come together again with a swimming competition. Unfortunately, I can’t find much better information on what the overall plot will be. From the advertising that I’ve seen of the series, it looks to be fairly yaoi-esque.

After watching the PV (promotional video) for “Free!”, it looks like it could be somewhere between “Prince of Tennis” and yaoi. It’s interesting that there isn’t a lot of information available on this series as it appears that the idea has been around for about 2 years. However, it could be this tight-lipped approach that may be generating a lot of buzz for the series.

What also has been generating a lot of buzz is some of the more sexy advertising that the series has been doing. Mostly using images of the main characters clad in swimming gear, it certainly seems to have gathered a large female following. It also could be that “Free!” has had its own image Tumblr for some time.

Nanase Haruka from "Free!". An example of some of the more sexy advertising.

Nanase Haruka from “Free!”. An example of some of the more sexy advertising.

And I must admit, I’m also interested. With a lack of information and the sexy advertising, I’m curious what the series is really like… and in 1 day, we’ll know. It airs on 3.July in Japan.

Both are interesting series, and ones that I’m entirely excited to watch. I hope to be able to comment more on “Free!” once I know more about it.

I’ll leave you with the P.V.s for “Free!” and “Silver Spoon”.