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The Funimation panel is also chock full of dates and information. It started with a summation of Funimations 20 years. They went on to introduce themselves: Vic Demangana was the MC and Justin Rojas was the guy who was giving out lots of information… including that Vic Demnagana would be doing signings at the Funimation booth.

Riddle me this Comic Con patron...

Riddle me this Comic Con patron…

They also talked about the Funimation show… and Funimation.com. They stream anime. However, unlike Neon Alley (which is free), you have to pay for content. Considering that Funimation licenses an awful lot of anime, there’s a lot of content on that site (including Attack on Titan). They’re also running the Dragonball Z’s Broly saga (it streamed on 26.August). They’re also streaming Tokyo Ghoul, Terror in Resonance (music by Yoko Kanno, also known for doing music for Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell), Espionage, Free! Eternal Summer, and more.

So, on to the new releases:
DBZ Season 5, Battle of Gods was showing August 5,6,7 and 9. I believe you can find more information about it on Funimation.com. They’re also releasing a next gen Dragonball Z video game called DBZ Xenoverse.

They were also talking about titles that were available at the time. Those were Axis Powers Hetalia, The Devil is a Part-Timer (picture the devil working for McDonald’s), A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Karneval, Fairy Tail, pt. 1 and Attack on Titan, pt.1 (the collector’s edition for Attack on Titan is available online at funimation.com).

A Disney Princess... Sleeping Beauty, I believe

A Disney Princess… Sleeping Beauty, I believe

Senran Kagura, a series that’s pure fan service was released on 29.July. HAL will be released on 2.September. One Piece, Season 6 will be released on 30.September on Amazon and available for general release on 18.November. Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist will be made available on 28.October. Bayonetta: Bloody Fate will be released 21.October.

There was a lot of information they gave out in that hour. We managed to get through it all… as it’s listed here. I wish that I had some of the preview videos for some of the titles. There are some smaller titles that look genuinely good (like the Devil is a Part-Timer).


You know you’re curious… so here it is. Nothing but pictures from this years Comic Con. Enjoy!

An amazing elf (possibly dark elf) from WoW cosplay

An amazing elf (possibly dark elf) from WoW cosplay


I saw quite a few Links this year… I think I’m going to start making this a game called Link hunting.


A panelist from Insights for Independents


The moderator for both Insights for Independents and Writer’s Journey


Panelist from the Writer’s Journey


Another lnflatable from Teen Titans, Starfire


Another lnflatable from Teen Titans, Cyborg


Lego Robin


Detail of Lego Batman… it’s really impressive


Lego Joker


Detail of Lego Bag End


This montley crewa was waiting to get on the Assassin’s Creed IV ship


Assassin’s Creed III group


Love this satellite cosplay.


Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan


Sergio Argones


Awesome Captain Hook cosplay


I’m not sure what this is… but not only is my interest piqued, but the pumpkin one looks awesome.


For some reason this still amuses me as much as when I saw this happen.


Cross-gendered Thor cosplay? Yes please!


A roving Riddler


Very cute Riku cosplay


Nami handing out drinks on a sultry San Diego day


Usop is thinking of something.


Cute How to Train Your Dragon cosplay


An incredibly accurate Loki


Go, go gadget arms!


Steampunk, cross-gendered Darth Vader > lingerie Darth Vader


Two voice actors from Ben 10


Here, have another Neil Gaiman shot


And another for science


I’m not sure what this knight is from, but it always reminded me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


A pretty good Riker cosplay


This was an amazing crossplay of the Riddler.

This was an amazing crossplay of the Riddler.

After the Titan panel, I stayed for the Neon Alley panel. There were some techinical difficulties that started during the Titan panel and persisted into the Neon Alley panel, forcing a late start. So, instead of just getting into the programming, they started off with some Q&A.

A lot of the news that they shared wasn’t much different from the information I heard about at the Viz Media Panel at San Diego Comic Con and at the Viz panel at Fanime.

Things that weren’t talked about at those panels were that Set 2 for Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan was to be released on August 2, Set 18 for Bleach was released on September 10 and Set 2 for La Grange will be available this winter.

I did have quite a bit of downtime between the Neon Alley panel and the panel I was eagerly awating, 35 Years of Elf Quest.

In that time I did another turn around the dealers’ room. I visited the Viz booth. This year they were

A fabulous Chun Li.

A fabulous Chun Li.

doing this neat scavanger hunt through the dealers’ room. I also got to play a demo of the next Phoenix Wright game. This might be the game that makes me want to get a Nintendo 3Ds. It was fun to play and I loved playing it as much as the previous installments.

When it came to be about time to go to the Elf Quest panel we went in early enough to sit in on the panel before it. The panel was about Pongo. I had heard of Pongo, but I had never read them. It was neat to hear people talk about. It piqued my interest in the Pongo comics.

I was thrilled to see that there was an Elf Quest panel. It made so incredibly happy to hear about all things Elf Quest… because, yes, I’m that kinda nerd. I started reading Elf Quest back when I was in middle school. I fell in love with the story when I first read it. It was amazing for me to get the chance to meet Richard and Wendy Pini last year. They had

Cutter, Leetah and Pike.. oh my!

Cutter, Leetah and Pike.. oh my!

written a story that was more formative of my than I had realized.

The panel started out talking about Wendy Pini’s personal history. They talked about Elf Quest had started in Fantasy Quarterly. They formed their own company, Warp Graphics. She then moved to Hollywood for an Elf Quest movie. They still hope an Elf Quest movie will happen, to this day. I think that Elf Quest would make for a great series of movies. It also turns out that Johnny Galecki (of Roseanne and Big Bang Theory fame) is a huge fan of Elf Quest.

There is currently a 5 minute Elf Quest short movie online, you can watch it here. However, their information about their being an Elf Quest movie in development is outdated… unfortunately.


Kokiri Link, FTW!

We Love Fine is also selling a line of Elf Quest t-shirts… They are really cute and I would love to have them all, except price woud preclude me from doing so. They are really neat looking shirts and perfect if your the same kind of nerd as I am when it comes to Elf Quest. Wendy’s personal artwork will be kept at Columbia University as well.

There are 2 artbooks coming out as well by Flesk. One will be an art of Elf Quest book and the other will be a book of Wendy’s art and may not necessarily be Elf Quest oriented. They both should be out in 2014.

The most exiciting and saddening part is that there is new Elf Quest. They will be released through Dark Horse. The first book will be starting something called Elf Quest: the Final Quest. And that’s where it’s sad. I hate to think that Elf Quest is ending. The series had meant so much to me. In many ways it was something that gave me the push to be a writer. While I’m glad there’s new Elf Quest (yay), I’m also sad that that’s it. I don’t know if they’re going to re-release the earlier editions of Elf Quest.