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Of course they talked about new volumes of both Bleach and Naruto Shippunden. This year, Viz had brought Junko Takeuchi, a voice actor from Naruto, who signed autographs and took gifts at 10:45 on Friday morning.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

They’re going to be releasing the complete Vampire Knight (which breaks down to Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty) in to one complete and very nice looking box set. The set looks amazing and comes with some pretty nifty extras. That was released on July 29.

They’re also re-releasing the complete set of Moribito, this time on Blu-Ray DVD. This will be available on August 26.

They have decided to release Ranma ½ in glorious HD. This is something that any fan of classic anime would love. Ranma is being released in very lovely box sets. Sets 1 and 2 are currently available,

set 3 will be out in September.

They’re also going to be releasing all of Blood Lad (the anime). The series is short (10 episodes), but it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be worth having… especially considering that it’s a satire series. The series will be available on September 2.

They’re Also releasing a box set for Gargantia. It looks like an interesting series. If you’re already a fan of it, it would certainly be worth picking it up on DVD. The set will be available in October.

Viz Media panelists

Viz Media panelists

Viz is also releasing a new Naruto movie for the general populace. The movie is Naruto: Road to Ninja. It will have a limited release in movie theaters. It will be in theaters for a limited release on August 29. Keep an eye out to see if it will be in a theater near you. If you live in San Francisco, it will be playing at the New People theater from 7-9 PM.

And finally, they’re going to be releasing all the Sailor Moon catalog. It will be released in an amazing looking, sparkly box set. It will be a combopak release (so a season at a time instead of individual DVDs for 3 or 4 episodes). Set 1 will be released November 11. Something to look forward to for all you Sailor Moon fans out there.

After all of that information, they also did questions and answers. This gave birth to one of the most awkward and uncomfortable pick-ups I’ve ever seen anyone attempt. A guy went up to the mic to ask if Viz was ever going to release any hentai because he really liked hentai. They told him they weren’t sure, but Viz does release Yaoi. He then used this point to state that he was also single and looking for a special woman.

Comic Con accessories

Comic Con accessories

After he said that, I looked at the girl next to me and we both said no. There was no way that would happen. I have to say, that has to be one of the most awkward pick-up attempts I’ve seen. Who knows, he might have found a girl who shares his passion for hentai. If he was successful, more power to him. To me, it was awkward and uncomfortable.

Of course, this was a lot to have packed in to 1 hour. It’s a lot of information. However, it wasn’t the only informational panel that I went to on Thursday. After hitting the Viz Media panel, I made my way to the other end of the convention center to make it in time to see the Funimation Industry Panel.

Nami and Ussop take a break from the Straw Hat Crew to hand out drinks on a balmy San Diego day for us Comic Con attendees.

Nami and Usopp take a break from the Straw Hat Crew to hand out drinks on a balmy San Diego day for us Comic Con attendees.

Afterwards they were doing a little outside party thing where they were giving out Shonen Jump-themed beverages and free t-shirts. The line was long for the t-shirts (not surprising as they were being screenprinted on site). It was a 2 hour wait but it was well worth it because we got to have some interesting conversations with the people around us. It also allowed us the chance to get the last stamp on our scavenger hunt.

After spending a good amount of time outside, we decided that it was time for air-conditioned sit down time and made good use of the random tables in the registration area.

We decided at that point that we were going to go to different panels. I decided to head over to Gays in Comics XXVI.

Every year Prism Comics puts together a panel about what it’s like for the LGBT community working in both the comic industry and the entertainment industry. It was interesting to hear some

Superman, Supergirl (deceased) and Sir Not Appearing in This Comic (but if you know, tell me) from Crisis on Infitnite Earths storyline

Superman, Supergirl (deceased) and Sir Not Appearing in This Comic (but if you know, tell me) from Crisis on Infitnite Earths storyline

of the things that are going on and getting to hear about some of the LGBT comics out there. I still keep holding out for more bisexual comics. I have a feeling that’s going to take some time to happen. (Unless there’s some manga-style illustrators out there reading this blog, because I have a story…).

It was pretty cool to hear about some of the stories that are out there. It’s pretty amazing. It was also pretty cool to hear how much respect they had for each other.

There’s also the jokes and anecdotes that made the panel more interesting. In many ways it reminded me of the Black Panel.

I was in that panel for a hour when it became obvious that it was going to run over (which was not a problem as it was the last panel in that room). I jogged all the way over to a panel I thoroughly enjoyed last year, The Best and Worst Manga of 2013.

I love this panel.

I do. I have gotten so many wonderful suggestions on manga to read from it… and this year was no

The Gaslamp from the Geek and Sundry Prom

The Gaslamp from the Geek and Sundry Prom

exception. I got to hear a lot of titles that I hadn’t heard of before like Kitaro, Wandering Son, Children of the Sea, etc. etc. They also mentioned manga that I had been reading/heard about like: Attack on Titan, Silver Spoon, Blue Exorcist, After-School Charisma, Bleach, Vagabond, Ooku, etc. etc. It was quite the list and there are so many that I really want to pick up now. The last thing I need is more manga to buy (but will probably do so anyways).

If any of you out there are interested in what their suggestions were for the last year, I happen to have them all in photos. So, let me know. I can always just post the list in picture form.

And that was our last panel for the night. It was a bit difficult to leave the panel as it was about the same time that the Masquerade started. It’s a popular event, but I have yet to actually watch one (and I’m not great enough at costuming that I can

Awesome couple that I met at the Geek and Sundry prom... and quite possibly the best Link and Zelda costumes I've seen.

Awesome couple that I met at the Geek and Sundry prom… and quite possibly the best Link and Zelda costumes I’ve seen.

participate). It made it a bit slow-go to get out of the building for the night.

Once we were out we headed out to dinner, followed by the Geek and Sundry Prom event.

Then event itself was pretty neat. There was DJ.ed music, a working bar (that was slammed the entire time we were there), photo booth style prom pictures, board and video gaming and an awesome chill space.

It was pretty awesome to get to hang out with some of the cosplayers… especially the best Link and Zelda duo I’ve seen all con. They were so incredibly friendly and we had a great conversation. It was a lot of fun to get to be out for a bit… even for my incredibly introverted self.

The Master and Torgo from, "You know, Manos, the Hands of Fate". One of the awesome things was getting to talk about MST3K with fellow fans.

The Master and Torgo from, “You know, Manos, the Hands of Fate”. One of the awesome things was getting to talk about MST3K with fellow fans.

Saturday was a day where things didn’t quite go as planned. That’s not a bad thing so much as it meant that I got some more downtime instead of running back and forth to panels all day. Given the previous two days, that was a much-needed break.

I had intended to hit the Machinima panel on Saturday morning, I really had. Once we had sat down to breakfast I had decided that I really would rather just take it easy and make it a more chill kind of day. So, instead of throwing myself into the line for Indigo Ballroom, we instead decided to look at the dealers’ room yet again.

We bought some neat gear (like a sweet Elf Quest shirt from Mighty Fine). I also got an opportunity to play a bit of “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns”. For a game that so many people disliked, it seems as though it’s profitable enough to make 3 sequels.

And I actually enjoy playing the game. It’s an interesting new interface. You can change jobs midstream

Saitama from One-Punch Man taking inventory... Or really into reading something.

Saitama from One-Punch Man taking inventory… Or really into reading something.

(similar to Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2). You are a one person party and you need to switch frequently through out combat. So, it definitely feels different from the other two Final Fantasy XIII games.

The one thing that I disliked about the game (but I’m sure plenty of guys will enjoy) is that every time you’d change a job it looked like Lightning was wearing less clothing as each job change requires a change of clothing. Given that that’s my one quibble with the game, I’d say that it’s worth buying and I will probably pick myself up a copy.

This is also when I signed up for the open beta for Final Fantasy XIV. It was free and I figured why not. I’m willing to give games a try.

We wandered around the room for a bit more before deciding to head to the first panel for the day, the Weekly Shonen Jump podcast panel.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeello Nurse from Animaniacs

Heeeeeeeeeeeeello Nurse from Animaniacs

It had been many years since I’ve picked up a Shonen Jump magazine. It had been some time since I had picked up a monthly manga magazine. The last one I had picked up was Shoujo Beat (because I do enjoy me some shoujo manga).

It was interesting to see them doing a live podcast instead of your standard panel. So, this was less informational and more entertaining. The entire panel was talking about the currently running Weekly Shonen Jump manga which include: Blue Exorcist, Dragonball Z, One-Punch Man, Jaco the Intergalactic Policeman, Nisekoi, Naruto Shippunden, Bleach and World Trigger. The entire panel was a Q&A session as both the panelists and the crowd got to both answer questions and ask them as well. It was a pretty fun panel to see.

This was an amazing crossplay of the Riddler.

This was an amazing crossplay of the Riddler.

After the Titan panel, I stayed for the Neon Alley panel. There were some techinical difficulties that started during the Titan panel and persisted into the Neon Alley panel, forcing a late start. So, instead of just getting into the programming, they started off with some Q&A.

A lot of the news that they shared wasn’t much different from the information I heard about at the Viz Media Panel at San Diego Comic Con and at the Viz panel at Fanime.

Things that weren’t talked about at those panels were that Set 2 for Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan was to be released on August 2, Set 18 for Bleach was released on September 10 and Set 2 for La Grange will be available this winter.

I did have quite a bit of downtime between the Neon Alley panel and the panel I was eagerly awating, 35 Years of Elf Quest.

In that time I did another turn around the dealers’ room. I visited the Viz booth. This year they were

A fabulous Chun Li.

A fabulous Chun Li.

doing this neat scavanger hunt through the dealers’ room. I also got to play a demo of the next Phoenix Wright game. This might be the game that makes me want to get a Nintendo 3Ds. It was fun to play and I loved playing it as much as the previous installments.

When it came to be about time to go to the Elf Quest panel we went in early enough to sit in on the panel before it. The panel was about Pongo. I had heard of Pongo, but I had never read them. It was neat to hear people talk about. It piqued my interest in the Pongo comics.

I was thrilled to see that there was an Elf Quest panel. It made so incredibly happy to hear about all things Elf Quest… because, yes, I’m that kinda nerd. I started reading Elf Quest back when I was in middle school. I fell in love with the story when I first read it. It was amazing for me to get the chance to meet Richard and Wendy Pini last year. They had

Cutter, Leetah and Pike.. oh my!

Cutter, Leetah and Pike.. oh my!

written a story that was more formative of my than I had realized.

The panel started out talking about Wendy Pini’s personal history. They talked about Elf Quest had started in Fantasy Quarterly. They formed their own company, Warp Graphics. She then moved to Hollywood for an Elf Quest movie. They still hope an Elf Quest movie will happen, to this day. I think that Elf Quest would make for a great series of movies. It also turns out that Johnny Galecki (of Roseanne and Big Bang Theory fame) is a huge fan of Elf Quest.

There is currently a 5 minute Elf Quest short movie online, you can watch it here. However, their information about their being an Elf Quest movie in development is outdated… unfortunately.


Kokiri Link, FTW!

We Love Fine is also selling a line of Elf Quest t-shirts… They are really cute and I would love to have them all, except price woud preclude me from doing so. They are really neat looking shirts and perfect if your the same kind of nerd as I am when it comes to Elf Quest. Wendy’s personal artwork will be kept at Columbia University as well.

There are 2 artbooks coming out as well by Flesk. One will be an art of Elf Quest book and the other will be a book of Wendy’s art and may not necessarily be Elf Quest oriented. They both should be out in 2014.

The most exiciting and saddening part is that there is new Elf Quest. They will be released through Dark Horse. The first book will be starting something called Elf Quest: the Final Quest. And that’s where it’s sad. I hate to think that Elf Quest is ending. The series had meant so much to me. In many ways it was something that gave me the push to be a writer. While I’m glad there’s new Elf Quest (yay), I’m also sad that that’s it. I don’t know if they’re going to re-release the earlier editions of Elf Quest.