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Orihime from BBleach

There are some things that I have always wondered why I have some deeply embedded beliefs. Some of them I haven’t the slightest idea of where they come from… like the thought that my life will be much shorter than most will be. And, more importantly, my brain has been putting together the pieces of why I have the belief that I will always be alone.

For the longest time, I had absolutely no idea where the thought came from. It was something that my brain latched on to and wouldn’t let go. At the time, I thought that maybe it was because I was a teenager. I was raped. And I was in a school that I didn’t want to go to and wasn’t happy with. It felt like I was you standard disaffected teenager in the nineties.

Unfortunately, the belief never went away after I changed schools, or even after I was no longer a teenager. It has been persistent throughout my life… and until recently, I didn’t understand where it came from.

The more that I have learned about my childhood, and the more that I’ve remembered, the more that I’ve been able to untangle some pretty bad behavior that I’ve developed as a coping mechanisms. Trying to unlearn things that have kept you alive for so many years is hard… not impossible, but incredibly hard. Especially as so much of it has become such a fundamental part of one’s self. It’s something that I’ve been striving to do… to make myself a better version of myself.

So, how did the belief that I will always be lonely come to pass?

Well, this was such an incredibly easy thing to untangle… and I think to a certain degree, I’ve always known. The belief that I will always be alone stems from the fact that I largely have been. My mom checked out when I was pretty young. My dad was never really around because of his work schedule. The love that I was supposed to see when I was younger, never was really there. So, I’m guessing that had a huge effect on my belief of if I deserve to be loved and have people/family in my life.

I don’t remember my mom being around all that much. And, I think, to a certain degree, I think somewhere in my subconscious, I was aware of what my mom was trying to do. My mom didn’t even think that it was worth it to stop me from being beaten for something that I never did or being unduly punished for being a child. My dad was as equally there. I didn’t have the emotional nourishment that I needed as a child. I was alone in the world as a kid, so why would that change as an adult?

Well, one thing that I’ve been learning as I get older and having different, more wonderful people come into my life, is that maybe the belief that I deserve to be alone might actually be wrong. I don’t know if I’ve started getting comfortable with this. This is largely because my brain keeps going back to the old familiar feeling… because it’s familiar.

How does one undo something that’s such a fundamental part of oneself?

I honestly don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. It’s possible that positive reinforcement and psychological conditioning can help with this. And, maybe that’s just what I need. We’ll see. There’s only one way to find out.


Here we are again… another weekly round-up.

Life is getting busier now. I got me a press pass for the San Francisco International Film Festival. Now it’s about setting up interviews with people. This is both exciting and scary. I feel like things are actually starting to move forward for me. This is an incredibly scary thought. It’s continuing in to the unknown. If I want it bad enough, I’ll keep going. I really would like to write and not being in an office job.

More importantly, I’ve got plenty of writing that I’ve done over the last week. I will get some more writing up on Thursday.


There are somethings that politicians say that make me think WTF.
Square Enix takes some sexy away.
Who can forget Torchwood?
This is a reassuring story.
Remember the “what gender is Sheik” question?
More politician WTF.
Business world scandals can be equally be interesting too.
If you hadn’t heard, Hillary Clinton is running.

That’s it for this week’s round-up. I hope you enjoy the articles. I’m pretty proud of all of them.

‘Til Thursday!

Video game makers have been some pretty silly things as of late. Largely the complaints have been that games have been released broken. The only way you can fix that is paying for some downloadable content later on down the line. Then there’s Nintendo. They released the latest installment of Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U. Everyone wanted to use the Gamecube controller to play it, but for the longest time, they didn’t produce enough adapters and the price for them was high. And now there’s this current misstep.
Last Friday they released the latest 3DS XL. While that sounds like great news, it’s not coming with something that every modern hand-held gaming system needs, a charge cord.
That’s right, no charge cord. Now… as a gamer and one who will get hand-held systems for the games that are only available on those systems (like the Ace Attorney series). I haven’t picked up a 3DS largely because the 3D technology, while it’s neat that you can do 3D without 3D glasses, it would still give me a headache. The image wasn’t all that clear. That’s something that this latest 3DS is supposed to have.

Why no charge cord?

Nintendo says that the reason they didn’t include it is because they’re expecting the people who own the earlier versions to already have the charge cord and it was more cost-effective to not include it.

That’s all fine and dandy, but that means you’re cutting off people who don’t own the system yet. People who haven’t bought it yet who were waiting for the impetus to do so. For me, it was waiting for Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS.

I was going to get the special edition version. They came in a limited number and there have been issues (especially with Best Buy) where people had their orders canceled because they didn’t limit the number that could be ordered). This is not a problem that Nintendo created. That’s all on Best Buy. So, I figured I’d get the new version when it came out. It’s supposed to have better 3D graphics and maybe it wouldn’t give me a headache like the older editions did.
Seriously, not throwing in a charge cord is silly. You shouldn’t think that the only people who are going to buy this new system have the older models. You’re limiting the amount of growth the system could have.

Yes, you can buy an AC cord from Nintendo for an extra $8.95. It’s not all that expensive, which begs the question: Why not include it in the systems in the first place.

My guess, this is indicative of where the video game industry is going. You have to pay extra for anything to be functional… and that is truly sad.

Come on Nintendo! You have created some amazing games. Games that keep me buying your systems because they’re so good. I’m going to buy a Wii U when the latest Legend of Zelda game comes out. This is a huge misstep and isn’t going to please your fan base. Can’t you just add the cord for free? I understand not doing so with the Gamecube controller adapter. It’s not a necessary part of the system. You don’t need to play things with the Gamecube controller.
But you can’t play the 3DS without a charge cord. Sony has you beat on this. They still include the charge cord with the Vita. Why can’t you just bundle it together instead of gouging players more?

Wondering about this story? Just getting here? Wonder what happened before? Want to catch up?

Well, you can find previous installments here and here.

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He holds his lance tensely in his hands. He knows that this isn’t the wisest of ideas, but he doesn’t see that he has any other choice.

He realizes that the beast is trying to focus and stare at him, but is failing to do so because he is too close to its eyes.

He once again tightly grasps his lance, ready to give out another battle shout.

Before he realizes it, he’s shouting and plunging the tip of his lance in to the creature’s eye. He continues to force the lance as far in to the beast’s head as he can. He can feel the white gelatinous warmth of the material that was once the eye. He can small the blood as the lance starts to plunge past the ocular cavity.

He feels the lance once again hit something that’s not resisting, but it also not muscle or bone. He feels his lance plunge deep in to the beast’s brain.

The creature lets out a tortured and pained cry as its body can no longer propel itself. Just as quickly as it started charging, it comes to a complete halt. It slides to the ground, throwing him with it.

He lies on the ground for a bit, in a daze. He’s not sure how long he’s been lying there. The last thing he remembers is the beast going down.

He checks his body to see if there are any broken bones or other serious damage to himself. From the cursory check, he can’t see anything.

“This is what I get,” he thinks, “This is what I get for doing this without a healer.”

He sits up in the snow, looking at the prone beast. He tries to stand up finding it challenging. Once he is on his feet again, he tries to dust off the snow.

Try as he might, the snow sticks in every corner and angle of his armor.

He approaches the beast, seeing that its breathing is very shallow. He attempts to grab his lance from the huge skull, but realizes that it’s too slick with gore for him to be able to pull it from the eye.

While he has done nothing but wish death to this creature, a part of him feels guilty for letting the beast suffer so. He can’t offer it a quick death. He stands sentinel over the beast as he slowly dies. Each breath becoming more labored, a whimpering sound with each breath.

And then it happens, quiet. It’s as though the lesser beasts are observing a moment of silence for their fallen comrade.

He lowers his head and takes a moment before it starts to set in that he finally killed this beast. There will be no more destroyed families and razed villages. And while he should feel at peace, he’s feeling something entirely different.


As badly as he wanted to kill this beast, he’s surprised by the fact that he feels numb. He searches both his brain and heart to see if there’s any sense of elation or victory. The harder he searches, the more he feels empty.

His shoulders slump with the knowledge that while he spent months stalking this creature, that its death means nothing to him. He turns on one heel and stalks off through the snow. Maybe it’s not today that he will feel victory, but he will continue to fight until that elusive feeling comes back to him.

Perhaps it will come back one day… Perhaps.


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He lets out another battle shout as he plunges his lance in to the beast’s neck. He can feel skin and muscle part underneath the keen point of his spear. He knows that this is just the beginning of a long and arduous battle. He’s not sure who will be the victor though. Will he live or will he die? These are thoughts that didn’t enter his head until now. And even though they pop in to his thoughts while fighting, he doesn’t pay them much mind. Just fleeting contemplations that appear momentarily and then disappear back in to the aether of his brain.

The creature bellows in pain. The first wound has been struck in this war.

In the background, he could hear the various chirruping of the surrounding creatures reacting to the pain of this creature.

He instantly blocks it out as he maintains his firm grip on his weapon as it’s still plunged in to the beast’s neck. It helps him stay on the back as the creature below him reels back a little.

He uses the stability of his lance in the beast’s neck to jump over to his head. As his feet hit the hard bone of this creatures skull, he struggles to pull the weapon out. He didn’t realize that the muscles would be so taught and tense. With a hard, swift jerk he manages to free his lance from the creatures neck. A plume of blood spurts out from where the lance once existed.

He starts looking for another vulnerable spot to attack the beast. He sees nothing from the top of the head.

“Shit.”, he says as he realizes that vulnerable spots here are in the beasts face.

He closes his eyes for a moment as he continues to ride on the head.

“Must think. Must think.”, races through his mind as he ponders some other way.

He shakes his head.

There’s only one solution…”, he thinks as he slowly makes his way down to the beast’s muzzle.

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A chill wind caresses his face as he looks over his shoulder. It’s almost as thought the wind was originating from a cave… one that he hadn’t noticed before in his patrolling. It was cold and feeling like stone. It had the smell of rock, blood and other odors that he couldn’t begin to describe. They all intermingled.

It was then that he noticed that the sound of the lesser beasts had silenced.

“How could I have been so careless to not notice?”, he thought as his blood started to run cold.

He heard a loud and heavy huff behind him. His eyes opened wide in recognition that he was no longer alone… and that he was noticed.

He takes a moment to control his racing thoughts. One after another, they speak of his hopes and fears, weaknesses and strengths. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, breathing in the heady odor that is this massive creature behind him.

He slowly turns around to face him.

“There you are.”, he says as calmly as he can muster.

The beast stares at him, almost as though he recognizes him. His glare is cold and menacing… and yet seems to burn with an anger that has burned for many lifetimes, how many is anyone’s guess.

In that instant, the creature rushes forward, every muscle and sinew in his body tense.

He manages to deftly jump out-of-the-way just before he would have been plowed by this beast… this behemoth of a creature. He can feel the wind and the strength as the wind rushes past him.

The creature turns around and bellows. The sound nearly freezes him to his very core. Images of towns and villages being wiped out by this creature flash in his mind. The deaths of children, parents, partners, husbands and wives burn freshly in his psyche… almost as though it happened yesterday. His passion and vigor for this fight is renewed.

He holds his lance, prepared to strike. Remembering everything that brought him to where he is today. Remembering everything that brought him to this fight.

“Come on, you son of a bitch.”, he mutters as he rares up, ready to sprint headlong at this creature.

And after a quick breath, he runs headlong at the beast. He screams with the scream of all the victims, all the pain and suffering that this creature has caused. He runs and jumps over the head of the beast, using his lance as a pole.

He lands firmly on the beasts back. Beneath his feet, he can feel the tenseness of this creatures neck and back. He can feel each muscle move as the creature moves.

He flips his lance around and gets a firm grip on the shaft. He wants to make sure that he can plunge this weapon purposefully in to this neck in front of him.

Banners around the Gaslamp District

Banners around the Gaslamp District

So, after taking a brief moment to gussy ourselves up for the day, we were ready to head out for breakfast. Because we were staying over by the convention center this year, it meant our normal breakfast spot was a bit further out this year. That is something that we neglected to factor in when we headed out to the Mission. It took us about 30 minutes to walk it. Not too bad, unless you’re on a schedule and hadn’t factored it in. It was also hot and muggy. It was more the mugginess that was getting to me. While I’m used to a certain amount of humidity where I live, I’m not used to it with heat (it’s often foggy to the point of leaving water on the ground). So, that made the walk a bit more unbearable.

When we finally got to the Mission, I ordered some chilaquiles… mostly because they’re tasty, tasty food. It was certainly worth the walk. The food was as good as I remembered it. They were also as slow as I remembered too… so slow that I missed my first panel. I was a bit annoyed with that, but the tasty breakfast made up for it… mostly.

After breakfast, we walked back to the convention center. As I stated, I missed my first panel which was the Shonen Jump panel on Naruto. I was hoping to see it, but breakfast was more important. So, I was sad to have missed it, but grateful for the food.

Marking where the mens restrooms are

Marking where the mens restrooms are

Instead I made my 11 AM panel which was about getting news coverage. This panel was quite interesting. It was largely with making sure your Kickstarter or Indiegogo request for group funding got press attention. In that sense, it was interesting, because I’ve never thought about that aspect of it. I never thought about how it’s possible to get your Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign and therefore getting people who might back you. It gave me a lot of good information on how to do some better marketing.

It also turned out as an awesome opportunity to network… which is by and large my whole purpose to go to Comic Con. It’s to learn things and to network. Year after year, I give out more and more business cards. This year I managed to do it. Which, is also a good thing about these panels.

After that panel, I made my way to Female Heroes, Then and Now. It wase emceed and one of the panelists created the Heartbreakers comic. They also talked about the fact that the comic was in its 25th year. They also talked about Comic Con has changed in those 25 years, especially that there was greater attendance by female geeks. Not only did the population of Comic Con blow-up to 130k, the gender demographic changed as well.

They also talked about some issues that were effecting women in the geek community. Particularly in the

Some panelists from Female Heroes Then and Now panel

Some panelists from Female Heroes Then and Now panel

last couple of months… which, of course, leads us to talk about Ubisoft and more particularly Assassin’s Creed. It’s a moment that is fairly problematic, and has offended a lot of women in gaming. It’s not an isolated incident when it comes to Assassin’s Creed, but I tell that tale in a bit. They also brought up that the latest writer on Wonder Woman said that she’s a strong female, but definitely not a feminist.

Which lead us to discussing whether we should try to reclaim the term feminism… and the fact that it’s still largely misunderstood by what it means. After that they talked about issues in comics and dealing with diversity. They also covered what had they done to offend others and how they handled the situation, which has been known to happen when working in the media. After all, everyone has done something to offend people in the past. It’s a matter of how you handle the situation. They also talked about sending a creative response. They also talked about sexism in video games.

I thought that it would be interesting to see “Don’t Believe the Hype: E3” that was done by contributors to They started out talking about what their experiences have been at E3, including how hard it is to get in to E3 as press. They also talked about the reality of talking about how much tickets cost. At $400-500/person, I think it’s going to be some time before I go there myself. They talked about what to expect from the major consoles. Then they went in to the games that will be talked about at E3… like Persona 5 (I am super-pumped to hear more about it), two new Tales of games, new Metal Gear Solid, Bayonetta 2 and more. Since we are in the midst of E3, I’m super-excited to see some of the new things they’re going to be talking about (especially Square Enix AKA Squeenix).

Riddle me this, Batman...

Riddle me this, Batman…

After talking, they showed trailers for titles that will be talked about at E3, most notably (for me) is Persona 5. I’ve waited years (though not as many as Kingdom Hearts III) for Persona 5. I would love if they had a date or something. I am highly anticipating it.

So, what other trailers for games did they show besides Persona 5 (OMG)?
Tales of Xillia and Zirithia (not sure about the second one, I can’t seem to find any information about it)
Mirrors Edge 2
Metal Gear Solid: the Phantom Pain
Star Wars Battlefront (maybe)
Bayonetta 2
Super Smash Brothers 4
Xenoblade 2

There is speculation about whether we’ll actually hear anything about what is currently known about now or whether we’ll get any more information about what I known as Project Beast* made by the same studio that produced Dark Souls. We’ll have to wait and see what will happen at the end of this week.

There’s still speculation as to whether or not Last Guardian will happen. Since the title has yet to appear, it’s still a big question mark. Maybe we’ll get more information this year. It’s a beautiful title and I hope it does see light of day.

Other trailers seen:
Arkham Knight
Final Fantasy XV (aka Final Fantasy Vs. XIII)

DDR Competition Picture by Brit Cossel

DDR Competition
Picture by Brit Cossel

After spending a long day at Fanime, I was ready to head home and get some sleep before heading out somewhat early in the morning to start my second day of Fanime. I was disappointed that there was no Yaoi on Friday night… nor was there Yuri, They did, however, run Hentai.

*Added note, they did. I’ll more about that when I talk about what it’s like viewing E3 from a speculators point of view and not being in the hustle and bustle of the trade show.

Here we are, once again Monday morning.

So, why am I writing this what I’m doing this week post instead of posting more Fanime?

Easy, I am catching up to the point I had completed. This will give me an extra day or so to write more content and bring you more.

So, yes, that does mean that there will be more Fanime. More stories about convention shenanigans… OK, Fanime shenanigans.

What else will I write about?

If I manage to finish my Fanime report, I will move on to write more short story. I think it’s time that I write more of my monster short. It’s been some time since I’ve written and posted some. It’s about that time.

I might write the second part of my Final Fantasy XIV post, though I’m starting to think it might be best to wait until 2.3.

I will talk a little about E3. I took some time to check it out and am ready to share my impressions of the things I saw.

So, what else is there?

I’m not really sure. We’ll have to wait and see.

Until next time!

Sakura Kumanoko 01_19_2014 12_42_36

Cid the garlean and a mini-Magitek

So, I’m going to be candidly honest here. I don’t like MMO’s. I don’t. I have a hard time getting motivated to play something with no real story to speak of. I don’t care how rich the background may be. If the game itself doesn’t really have a story, I check out quickly. I admit that I love stories in my game.

My first experience with an MMO-type of game was Elder Scrolls 2: Morrowind. It wasn’t online as video game systems weren’t there yet. All my Everquest playing friends would tell me how much this reminds them of Everquest.

Moogles in the Shroud

Moogles in the Shroud

As I started to play the game, there really wasn’t much of a story to speak of. I played the game for five minutes including character creation. Nothing about it grabbed me. I’ve tried playing various MMO’s and each time they would bore me fairly easily. I even played Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online. I love the Shin Megami Tensei universe and their games generally have good stories. Not even that game could get me to play for more than an hour or two before giving up.

That’s pretty much history with MMO’s. So, you kind of get an idea of what the tenure of this review would be… an MMO review written by someone who doesn’t like MMOs.

We were walking around the dealer’s room at Comic Con last year. We decided to out the game demos

An Elezen lancer fighting. The cross-bar set-up is for the PS3, all in-game images are from the PS3.

My Elezen lancer fighting. The cross-bar set-up is for the PS3, All in-game images are from the PS3.

at the Square Enix booth. While we were there, they asked if we would like to try the beta test for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I hadn’t realized that Final Fantasy XIV had been out in the first place, with good reason. Since MMO’s aren’t my thing, it wouldn’t have mattered to me if had come out or not. We both debated it because neither of us are MMO players. Since it was a free demo, we figured that it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. If we didn’t like it, we didn’t lose anything by playing for free.

So, we signed up and started playing during the beta test.

When we started playing, I didn’t think that I would like the game. After all, I have yet to find an MMO that spoke to me. That kept my attention for long periods of time. I didn’t expect much from this game.

The character window

The character window

When I had started creating my character, I had no idea how to feel about it. It looked like fairly standard MMO character creation. You get to choose from 5 different races: Hyur, Elezen, Miqo’te, Roegadyn and Lalafell. While there are plenty of choices to choose from, there are only a certain amount per race. Part of the character creation will also let you know what natural elemental resistance you will have (my character has a natural resistance to water). This is fairly in-depth, but not nearly as much as some other games that look like they gave you the character designer to play with.

That being said, I was pleased to see that the story wasn’t just going on in this world that I happened to be a part of. I wasn’t just there to help move a story that I felt no connection to or even really didn’t care about. Instead of that, you are instantly engaged in a story that makes it’s clear that you are integral to the world, very similar to every other Final Fantasy game.

What crafting looks like.

What crafting looks like.

The story is engaging and interesting. It managed to keep me interested the entire time. Like most Final Fantasies (with the exception of XII, which was more political intrigue and not about how some megalomaniac that’s trying to destroy the world) it’s about a possible end of the world scenario. So, how do you make it work it a world that is actively being played by thousands of people? You alter it to create a party scenario that can incorporate an unnamed amount of people.

And it works… Or rather, it works for me. It’s everything that I expect and enjoy in a Final Fantasy game.

Square Enix is known for constantly working to enhance their battle mechanics. That’s something that happened between Final Fantasy XIV and A Realm Reborn. Whether it’s a good or bad change, I can’t say fortunately. I didn’t play Final Fantasy XIV. So, all my perspectives are solely from A Realm Reborn.

Seasonal event quest window (New Year's)

Seasonal event quest window (New Year’s)

So, how playable is it to MMO players?

While I am not a fan of MMOs and admit to having not really played any for any length of time beyond an hour, because of the social aspect of the game, I have talked to others who have played MMOs. The response is mixed. Some people really like the game others, not so much. Most of those who dislike the game make sure to talk about it on the game’s forum. The forum is a fairly active one. It’s also been beneficial to the game as the developers read the forum and do use input from the gamers about what they would like to see.

So, do I like the game?

While there are many aspects to MMOs that I generally don’t like; I feel that A Realm Reborn does a

Fighting in a fate (mini boss fights that happen outside of dungeons)

My scholar fighting in a fate (mini boss fights that happen outside of dungeons)

pretty good job of engaging all players. It does it so well, that it was called the most accessible game for people with disabilities in 2013. That’s not something to sneeze at. They have attempted to make the game so anyone can play. In many ways I think that they’ve succeeded.

There are so many things that I like about this game. It’s not a free MMO. You have to pay for the game and there is a monthly subscription fee (you can opt to pay in chunks as well as month to month). The fee is nominal. And other than additional retainers beyond the 2 you’re given in-game, nothing is hidden behind a pay wall. Everyone has equal access to all content in-game.

The aesthetician

The aesthetician

While there was bonus content for people who bought the collector’s edition, it’s something you can buy later if you want it. It is also stuff that isn’t a major loss. They were small items that don’t affect game play. It wasn’t like Bethesda locking an entire race behind a pay wall. It’s not clear whether Imperials will be unlockable for a nominal fee later on.

I like that Square didn’t make a whole race that isn’t playable unless you pay an extra fee. The extras, while nice, aren’t huge deal.

The patches continue to morph both gameplay and story as they add both new content and improve upon mechanics that pre-exist in the game. Now, I’m sure that this is true with MMOs across the board, I enjoy some of the little touches that have been added like seasonal quests.

Merlwyb, the Admiral of La Noscea

Merlwyb, the Admiral of La Noscea

I also enjoy both the crafting and gathering classes. I can spend hours weaving. I have spent hours fishing as well. It’s fun. It also doesn’t detract from gameplay. If you just want to dungeon crawl, you don’t need to do the crafting or gathering classes. I do think that you do need to forward the story at least to be able to easily travel between city-states to get more crafting skills and gathering items can only be found in certain areas, so in that sense, you can’t just go in to craft and gather.

How do I feel about this game overall?

A sleeping chocobo

A sleeping chocobo

I enjoy it immensely. I enjoy it so much, I still actively play it to this day… largely with the same character that I created back in beta. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re not a huge fan of MMOs. It’s an MMO that doesn’t feel like one. The game play is fun and interesting. The story is equally interesting and as content expands, so does more history about the world you’re playing in. It’s a game that is accessible to those with disabilities making it a more inclusive world.

I can’t say whether I think everybody should go buy this game yesterday because it really depends on the player. But it is a fun game that continues to engage its players in an interesting way. They continue to add story and history to explain where and how we find out how we got here.There are plans to add new jobs and new races. And it was recently released to the PS4, so it looks that the player base will

A dark summoner summoning

A dark summoner summoning

continue to expand.

I’m going to create another post giving more specific detail. I realized as I was writing this that there was so much I wanted to write about that I couldn’t easily fit into one post. The first is my impressions of the game. The next one will be getting in to more specifics, game mechanics, more information about the plot and other sundry information… and yes, there will be more screenshots.